Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Laos, Sightseeing Luang Prabang


With some time free in Luang Prabang, we do a little sightseeing starting on the grounds of the National Museum. There are several buildings here including the Royal Ballet Theatre and the palace building where an admission fee is charged.


079We opt to just stroll the grounds and enter a building with a decor that is very interesting.

Covered all around in gold colored decorations, this building houses “The Old Vor Prabang”.








The Old Vor Prabang is a portable type throne used to transport Buddha to the temple during “The New Year” celebration. The intricate craftsmanship in its design is amazing.


087Across the street from the National Museum we make a brief stop at Watpahouk a World Heritage site.










Here, we are welcomed by the howling of a roaming dog as we look at story telling pictures on the walls that date back to 1860.

If you need to get a good work out for the day then at least one trip up to Mt Phousi should do. Leaving Watpahouk, we begin a steep climb to get great views of Luang Prabang and The Mekong River. Fortunately, there are beautiful resting stops along the way and you do have to pay a small admission fee to visit the temple.



104The temple itself is not that spectacular compared to many others around the city but you really come here for the views below.







096Luang Prabang



Catch your breath as you take in nice panoramic views of this charming city and you will discover that climbing Mt Phousi was well worth it even if your thighs are still on fire.



101Mekong River







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