Thursday, September 20, 2012

Norwegian Sky, Sexiest Male Cruiser


Far better than any selection process that People Magazine could devise or that any of its candidates including Bradley Cooper could survive, the Mr. Norwegian Sky, Sexiest Male Cruiser contest is a crowd pleaser.

Having sported our six packs (Miller Lite) on Great Stirrup Cay earlier in the day, for the sake of “World Peace” and to avoid an “International Incident” on the high seas, Raul and I turn down hundreds of request to enter the contest.

After much soul searching we thought it best to let others be in the spotlight, to show their attitude, moves and pose to “work it”.

Our decision turns out to be the right one as we sit on the side line and cheer on the other sexy beasts on the cruise. From a college student to a Mexican Pediatrician, we are all entertained as we watch moves that would even impress “The International Sexiest Man Of Intrigue”.

Yeah, Baby, Yeah!

To the disappointment of a few, the contestants are narrowed down to the final three. Apparently, one of the judges has left her husband in the cabin or at home as she cannot seem to keep her hands and eyes from exploring the merchandise. Raul and I sympathize with the contestants as we feel their pain.

In the end, “The Great State Of Florida” produces another “Sexiest Male” winner.

Welcome to the club, Carlos.


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