Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tibet, The Streets Of Lhasa


CH Tibet Pictures D1 054 On our way to Jokhang Temple we see a bit of the city that looks interesting to explore on our own after we are done with lunch and temple touring.




I am not particularly a shopper or souvenir collector but I find watching people going about their normal daily routine interesting.

There is a lot of construction going on around the city and it seems no street is safe from it. There is still a lot of manual labor involved in the process as I watch groups of men unspool large cables and women manually mix batches of concrete.

Shops with all kinds of merchandise line the streets some with a mix of pool tables that I understand are used for gambling. I do not know if I am just still photo timid from being touring earlier in the day but as much as I want to I feel awkward about breaking out my camera. Most locals on the streets seem so reserve that I think it would be inappropriate to be seen clicking away.


CH Tibet Pictures D1 063 I do come across one guy that does not seem too shy to have his picture taken. However, its a face many are familiar with but I am surprise to see him here.

It's Shaquille O'Neal hawking NBA Beer.



My adventure gets me somewhat lost but gives me the opportunity to try sometime new in the city. A little bargaining and I am taking a local taxi back to my hotel for about a US$1. This is another fun way to see the city, bells and all.



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