Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tibet, Jokhang Temple


Another pass through security and we pay an entrance fee to enter Jokhang Temple. Jokhang is Tibet's first Buddhist Temple and is a little less challenging to visit than Polata Palace although it does have its share of steep stairs.


CH Tibet Pictures D1 046 Jokhang is a simple temple that I find more enjoyable to visit than Polata Palace as it does not seem as touristy.








CH Tibet Pictures D1 061


For a few moments I can sit and enjoy it along with an upper level garden that is decorated with brightly colored flowers.



CH Tibet Pictures D1 047 Like at Polata Palace there are restrictions to taking pictures of the things I find interesting to look at and would like to share.

A shame.






CH Tibet Pictures D1 059 For me, it is disappointing to see the Chinese flag prominently flying over this temple that is the ultimate destination for Tibetan pilgrims.





As I leave Jokhang I do witness some Tibetans offering prayers and it is a bit of comfort that at least they still have the freedom to practice their faith.




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