Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tibet, Lunch In Lhasa



CH Tibet Pictures D1 017 From Polata Palace we are driven around the streets of Lhasa and then exit our mini van to walk a dusty path for lunch.





Our first group lunch in Lhasa is at New Mandala Restaurant and although we have the option to dine on the roof top we decide to eat inside instead.

Interestingly, from our table we can see a group of police or military personnel stationed on a roof top across from us. They are probably keeping tabs on the streets and square below us or maybe just seeing what we will be ordering.

After breathing the dry and sometimes dusty air I cannot wait to coat my throat with a refreshing Coca Cola. Not surprising the Coke is served not quite cold and although I can tell a slight difference in taste from the ones back home, this one still does the trick.  



CH TTrain D2 Pictures 062 Yak Curry Set


Wanting to try some local flavor I order a yak curry set and naan bread always a favorite for me. Although we are just a few steps from the kitchen my meal is served lukewarm. However, the portions are huge and in all honesty a “set” should and can be shared between two people.

On the train to Lhasa we passed a lot of grazing yaks and my first impression combined with seeing the harsh environment was that this was one tough animal. Sampling my curry dish my first impression was right. However, it did turn out to be a good exercise for my jaw without having to worry about running out of breath.


CH TTrain D2 Pictures 061 Another interesting thing about dining at New Mandala was the wait staff seemed indifferent to us being there.

This did not really bother me and I pass it off as just them being uncomfortable to communicate with us because of our language and cultural differences.


Overall my lunch experience was okay but nothing to get too excited about. Nonetheless, I am recharged for some more touring around Lhasa.

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