Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ireland, A Proper Tour Ending


I could spend many hours at the Guinness Brewery and still feel like I have not spent enough time. As I ride the elevator to the top floor bar, I am thinking what a nice way to finish my tour, overlooking Dublin.


IMG_6098This afternoon the skies are clear as I take in a panoramic view of Dublin from a few hundred feet above it.






IMG_6103A mellow soundtrack is playing and along with the still in place holiday decorations this bar is hopping.

Pints and pints of Guinness are being poured as we all take in the atmosphere and beautiful views of the city.





IMG_6097The Guinness Brewery At St James Gate


I follow step one, listen then watch as the creamy head forms, step two. A touch of the glass and the temperature seems just right, (we'll skip step four, no swirling for you) then it's what I know you have being waiting for, the taste.

Now open wide! Wow, wasn't that refreshing? And it's good for you, Guinness.



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