Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ireland, Dublin At Night


After traveling from Belfast by bus, I arrive in Dublin with just enough time for a short night walk and exploration of the city. Across the street from the Dublin Airport Hilton where I am staying, I board another bus for about a thirty minute ride into the City Centre.



SAM_1607It's about 11pm as I leave the bus on Nassau Street near Trinity College. There is not much going on in the city at this hour and the streets are relatively empty.





An occasional light rain is falling light which adds a bit of character to the chilled evening air and somewhere down the street loud vocals and strumming guitars can be heard over the distant city noise of passing buses and cars.



SAM_1622Following the sound, I find myself at Oneills where there is live traditional Irish music everyday.







SAM_1615Another perfect pour and I am enjoying another pint of Guinness as I listen to a couple of musicians entertain us with fun and upbeat songs. Back on the streets, I cannot help but feeling good about being here as the now wet streets reflect the colorful holiday decorations.






Even the Bank Of Ireland is beautifully lit up and decorated in the holiday spirit.








Down O'Connell Street a huge multi lighted Christmas tree is the center piece of the holiday decor although some of the side street decorations are just as amazing.




SAM_1625O’Connell Street




SAM_1631Crossing a canal bridge, I am reminded of being in Amsterdam but with a lot more colors than red being reflected of the calm waters below.







SAM_1627What should have been a short visit to the city has been extended so long that I miss the last bus back to my hotel.

Instead of about a E$3 fare for a bus, it is now going to be about E$15 to get back to my bed.




As luck would have it, I end up with cab driver that helps me lay out my plans for tomorrow and gives me another education on Irish Whiskey.

If you visit his house and he offers you whiskey take it on the rocks. If you want it mixed with something like soda then he is not going to give you his best stuff. They say the only thing you should put into whiskey if you want to kind of reduce it's power is water.

Although I am a Jose Cuervo kind of a guy, I'll drink to that!




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