Sunday, June 5, 2011

Antarctica, The Last Zodiac Cruise



SAM 002 It is bitter cold with howling winds as we launch on our last zodiac cruise.

A fitting farewell to one of the most remote and coldest region on the planet.



It is not unusual that again I am on the last zodiac to leave the Ioffe. There are  just a few of us on board with Dr. Timor.


SAM 005 We would have been one less had I not convinced Peter to brave the cold and join us.






For me, the zodiac ride is fun as we maneuver over rolling waves and the cold ocean water sprays off the rubber bow. Even after several days down here the scenery that includes a landscape covered with pure white snow, occasionally highlighted with areas of aqua blue still fascinates me.



SAM 008




SAM 009 Before long we cruise past another Argentina research station then find shelter from the wind in an enclosed harbor. A few more minutes exploring the area then we are on our way back to the Ioffe.



While waiting our turn to reboard the ship a few of us share some of the memorable moments of our adventure. It seems like only yesterday I was sinking up to my knees in snow on Half Moon Bay. Only one of the many memories I will take from my visit to The Blue Continent.


 CAN 008 Farewell, Antarctica!




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