Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Antarctica, Guessing Head Games


How difficult can this be? I am black and white and very popular. Being in Antarctica the first thing that comes to mind is a penguin but I am wrong.

What else can be black and white, real or imagined and very popular. Michael Jackson? Wrong, again!

How do I find myself in this guessing predicament? Well it started with a beer and then volunteering to have a piece of paper taped to my forehead.

Along with a few others, I am playing a head guessing game put together by members of the expedition staff. Another part of tonight’s entertainment.

I am not feeling to bad being unable to guess my the person or thing as I watch Carlton, a British passenger struggle with his clues. “A British politician in the last 50 years that everybody would know”.

Don't say the answer if you know it, he is still trying to guess it.

After about fifteen or so, yes or no answers, I finally smelled a rat, well more like a mouse and got a clue who was stuck on the tip of my forehead. Ironically, I should not have thrown stones at Carlton. Can you guess?




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