Sunday, June 19, 2011

Antarctica, Back Across The Drake


Ironically, the worst weather we encounter on our expedition happens as we set sail back to Ushuaia, Argentina.

I adventure just outside my room to a passage way at the forward part of the ship for a small taste of true Antarctic ocean weather.

Here the wind is so fierce from the right to left side of the passage way that it forces me to remain in the protected shelter of an inside hall.

Occasionally, a huge spray of ocean water blasts its way from the starboard to port side of the ship. The temperature is now so cold that this causes sheets of ice to form on the deck of the Ioffe.

Continuing my somewhat research exposure to the weather, I move along the inside to the exterior stern. As the Ioffe pitches and rolls on the high seas, I am on it's starboard side when I get an exhilarating surprise.

A huge wave breaks over the bow and I get drenched!



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