Saturday, April 9, 2011

Antarctica, Swimming Penguins And More Ice



Bridge And Icebergs Seeking shelter from the cold wind, I briefly enjoy the Antarctica scenery from the comfort of the Ioffe bridge.






Icebergs And Ice Huge Icebergs And Areas Of Sea Ice


The wind has increased and the surface of the water is no longer smooth as glass. Not only has the wind effected the surface of the water but also groups of penguins that are swimming of the left bow of the Ioffe. They seem to be providing us escort as the Ioffe navigates more areas of sea ice.



Swimming Pool Iceberg Passing huge icebergs and glaciers the scenery never becomes boring.





With clear blue skies and a surrounding brilliant white landscape, each distance traveled reveals more of Antarctica's pristine magnificence.



Port Stern Iceberg Ioffe Leaving Icebergs Behind








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