Monday, April 11, 2011

Antarctica, Navigating To Neko Harbor



Ioffe Port Stern With such nice weather it is difficult to remain inside the Ioffe.





Encouraged by the sun's warmth, I brave the occasional cold winds and capture more of the spectacular scenery here.



Glass Reflection



Close Up Reflection We enter areas where the water is smooth as glass and it seems like the Ioffe barely causes a ripple.




We are far enough away from the encompassing landscape that our presence does not disturb it’s  mirrored images on the surface of the water.



Iceberg And Glacier Amazing and colorful icebergs continue to pass us by as small groups of penguins frolic in the frigid waters below.




I am living out a dream as if I am in a National Geographic or Discovery Channel documentary.



Mirrored Mountains


I hope someone will come by soon and pinch me. I need to wake up because another zodiac tour and landing is planned at our next stop.





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