Sunday, August 13, 2017

China, To Stanley Market Hong Kong



111The gin is flowing freely as I begin my tour of Hong Kong headed for Stanley Market.

I hope someone has bought the juice as I am staring at a huge upside down bottle of Beefeater represented by one of the original British buildings that still grace the Hong Kong skyline.

The next eye catching building is the Bank of China which for some gives off an oppressive and negative impression because of its architectural design. Either way, the skyline here is fascinating to witness up close and personal.



079St John’s Cathedral


Passing through the Central District, I get a glimpse of the beautiful St John's Cathedral an Anglican church built in the shape of a cross. St John's is located just down the hill from the Peak Tram station, a planned stop later on my tour.

Driving down one of the main highways, a street sign is flashing a warning about a cyclone that I hope remains only that, a warning. Despite the high cost of real estate on Hong Kong Island, I am surprised to learn that a huge amount of it is dedicated to the sport of horse racing, a local favorite.


087We pass the huge Hong Kong Jockey Club as we leave the Central district behind headed for the Aberdeen Tunnel one the islands most busiest road that links the North and South of Hong Kong.



Hillside Cemetery


If you want to visit one of Hong Kong's most popular local attractions then spend a day at Ocean Park which annually draws over 5 million visitors. Located near the Hong Kong police training academy, the park is located on prime real estate which gives nice views of the island.






From my vantage point, I am soon looking at the South China Sea and a beautiful view of South Hong Kong's gorgeous coast line. Here you can take a swim at a few beaches including Repulse Bay one of the more popular and spectacular beaches in the area.


236Just east of Repulse Bay, I arrive at Stanley a coastal community named after Lord Stanley, the former British War Secretary and 14th Earl Of Derby.

Stanley is in an area formerly occupied by Chinese pirates but today it is home of the famous Stanley Market and Tin Hau Temple.

094 (2)Tin Hau Temple

For me, Stanley Market turns out to be a bit of a disappointment as I am not into shopping and I never manage to find a guy named Stanley. However, the town is pleasant to walk around and the scenery is quite enjoyable.



243At a local grocery store I grab a delicious tuna fish roll and sushi for lunch then make an interesting discovery.

One should not be fooled by the small commercial packaging of the wasabi sauce that comes with the sushi.

I put what I consider a not too generous amount of it on my crab roll and almost created a second set of nostrils as I took my first bite of it. Gulping a huge volume of air, I am fortunate that a fire truck is passing by and sprays me down with a cold beer.


067My fond memory of Stanley Market will not be the shopping or the scenery but the wasabi!





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