Thursday, January 7, 2016

Malaysia, Don't Mess With Melaka


Our second day touring around Kuala Lumpur has us driving South. We are again in love with all the lush green vegetation including tons of palm trees that constantly surround us.

Oddly enough we soon feel like we are in Texas minus the cowboy hats and longhorns when we encounter a sign warning us not to mess with Melaka.

As our good fortune would have it we make a roadside stop along the way and get invited to the “Grand Opening” celebration of a local restaurant.


IMG_20151111_114614Free delicious food along with an endless stream of free beer from the “Carlsberg Girls” and about two hours later we have to force ourselves to leave. However, we really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with the locals and learn a bit more about their country and culture.



Finally arriving in the historic port of Melaka we take a stroll around town before taking a short cruise on the Melaka River. While it seems the area has seen better days our cruise does give us the chance to meet a few more Malaysians even a little cute one.


IMG_20151111_160357Next it is a tour of a replica ship from Melaka swashbuckling days were we learn a bit more about the are's maritime history.





Our last taste of Malaysia is it's warm waters at the beautiful Saujana Beach where we watch another day come to an end.

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