Sunday, January 17, 2016

Florida, An Afternoon With The Ponies


In Tampa a day early for a cruise we decide to spend a part of a rainy afternoon at Tampa Bay Downs a short drive away from our hotel. Fortunately, for us we arrive in time to catch the last three races of the day but on a muddy track.


IMG_20160109_155233Although we love watching these beautiful and amazing animals, when it comes to betting horses and gambling in general I have very little idea.

However, I do know if you bet to win and your horse wins then you win.



Anymore complicated than that and I get confused.


Taking a 30-1 odd does not work out to well for us in our first round of betting however on our second shot at it we hit the “jackpot”. We can see our winner leading the pack down the stretch... and I start screaming louder to make him run faster... Come on No.9... It's not even a close finish.


IMG_20160109_163833We wait for our money maker at the “Winner's Circle” then excitedly go off to cash our pay dirt.

For a $2 bet, we walk away with a whopping $7.56 an almost 600% better return than we got playing the $900,000,000 Powerball. Not bad, not bad at all.

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