Friday, March 7, 2014

St Lucia, Feelin All Right


2014-02-24 23.02.34After a night of listening to karaoke and spending time at “Rehab”, I am up before noon in time to savor a delicious breakfast buffet at Coco Palm Resort Hotel.






2014-02-25 08.35.05Salt fish with cinnamon plantains, sausages and guava juice are just the beginning of my most important meal of the day.





A walk around town and I am back for “The Bar Man's Special” that soon has me feeling all right as I enjoy the sounds of a Caribbean entertainment icon, Bob Marley.

Next it is a trip to beautiful but hot Rodney Bay to revel in more of St Lucia's warm waters and cool white sand beaches. I find shade under some sea grape trees and really enjoy the beachfront views.



2014-02-25 12.10.39Rodney Bay


Before long it is time to head to the airport (SLU) to return my rental car. Fortunately, SLU is located next to another picturesque and relaxing beach.


2004-12-31 19.17.05I spend some time here before taking a popular walk in the local neighborhood.






My journey to the Vigie Lighthouse takes me by the St Lucia National Archives which is already closed for the day but still has some interesting machinery on display on its porch area. The views on this hike are amazing as I can see some of the coastline as well as airplanes taking off from the airport that is now below me.



2004-12-31 21.19.08


I do make one discovery that has some potential. An estate home is available for rent that has me wondering if my Swiss account can cover the payments.


2004-12-31 21.09.15Maybe, My Next Estate Home







At Vigie Lighthouse I watch a St Lucia sunset before returning to the airport. Around 8pm I am on board a LIAT ATR-72 headed for my next “Island In The Sun” adventure.



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