Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cruising, Grand Cayman



2014-03-11 11.12.39Since we had been previously visited Grand Cayman, we were in no really hurry to leave the Conquest which involved a tendering process.





Around 10am we head to the lower level of the ship and with no clear signs posted for disembarkation, we wander with a few other passengers looking for the cheese at the end of the maze. This certainly was not one of the better tendering experiences that we have had while cruising.

After waiting for about twenty five minutes for the tender to fill up we are soon enjoying the tropical breezes of Grand Cayman as we leave the Conquest behind for a few hours.

The planned highlight of our shore visit is to snorkel at Devil's Grotto and Eden Rock.



2014-03-11 12.59.22A short walk from the tender port and we are at Paradise Restaurant, a bright green building.

Here for $18 a person we get snorkel gear for the day, a small locker and free Wi-Fi along with some of the most awesome off shore snorkeling we have done.



Devil's Grotto and Eden Rock is a must if you visit Grand Cayman.



2014-03-11 14.53.26A walk around town and I purchase a $5 souvenir hat for $3 but have to change my name to Deshon.






At Breezes for lunch, we overlook the waterfront as we enjoy conch fritters, delicious wings and sliders all while surviving a “Category 5”. The 151 goes down smooth well hidden and blended with other flavors that make being in the Caribbean fun.




2014-03-11 13.37.49A Category 5





lesa fox said...

How did you like the cruise ship experience my sister and her ol man went on a 5 day tour of Mexico they liked it Feeding their faces and drinking lol I think after all the totally cool shit you've done it would be like a floating hotel in a way I must say i am really happy someone somewhere is doing the cool stuff i can oly read about haha WHOOP WHOOP! its really a cool thing that you shared all the great things youve seen and done .... and are gonna do lol My father was USAF for 21 years He's been all around the world My mother was born and raised in Puerto Rico THATS where i would like to go ..... someday im going to go lol ive been back east and down south to the midwest and everywhere in California. My 3 daughters have been to Hawaii and Kauai 3 times already My ol man bless his heart died of a heart attack 4 years ago at 50 so its just me but i gotta lot of life left and I WILL see some of the world myself or only through the eyes of other travelers or NatGeo and the Discovery Channel

lesa fox said...

Dog drinkin 151 rum just today man at 3:45 my time Im sittin here in Cali on the west coast shakin my head thinkin "dude your the shit!" (im sorry for the profanity but how else can i say it 'you're the bees knees?" lol hahaha man you have fun and a safe and of course you'll have a GREAT TIME
Like I said before YOU ROCK GUY!!! ...... man how cool is that ..... snorkeling!

DMBTraveler said...

Thanks for your kind comments... I hope someday your travel dreams come true too...