Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cruising, Preparing For “May Weather”



2013-08-26 15.31.26One of the beauties of training in South Florida as a prize fighter is having easy access to a ship load of calories.





In the boarding area for Carnival Imagination, I meet my sparing partners for the next three days. Even with just about an hour to spare before we set sail, we are ready for Round 1. Somewhere on the Lido Deck there is a nice burger, fries and diet coconut cream cake with my name on it.

A lengthy safety briefing temporarily interrupts our plans but soon enough the game is back on as we enjoy a sail away drink then make plans for Round 2. This time it is a bigger plate that when filled up makes for a nice arm lifting exercise.



SAM_0108Our first afternoon and evening session goes well.

Before we know it we up and ready for Round 3 our breakfast set.





This time it is pancakes, bacon, slices of banana bread, more bacon, ham, a choice of muffins, more bacon and of course, fruit along with a serving or two of ice cold high fructose juices. Guava Passion Fruit is my favorite. 

I can already feel the pounds coming on as my feet when I stand up and look down are beginning to disappear. Soon we are disembarking in Nassau for Round 4, 5 and maybe even Round 6.




2013-08-24 12.41.54Nassau Harbour



To get familiar with the ringside bell for next spring, we grab some “Kaliks". Although this is the sound of “cow bells” used here for local festivals, our cold and refreshing “Kaliks” come wrapped in a brown paper bag for secret street walking consumption.



2013-08-24 13.53.34A $1.25 fare and we are headed west for some beach training along the white sands of Goodman's Bay and Cable Beach future home of what will become the largest resort in the Caribbean.





Some “Bean Bag” tossing, “Connect Four” connecting and I am ready to do some “Rum” punches at the poolside bar. Two shared orders of conch fritters compliments the upper cuts and jabs nicely.



2013-08-24 16.23.14However, Round 4 is becoming an exhausting workout.

After doing a few arm curls in the nearby Crystal Palace casino, it is time for a lengthy cool down in the clear and warm tropical beach waters.




Energized, we set out for Round 5 as we head to the place that I have no doubt will be the precursor of my victory celebration. I might even offer to bring “May Weather” here after I defeat her.

How much more can a prize fighter or anyone else for that matter want from the establishment than to be able to add whatever amount of rum you want to add to your own daiquiri? At “The Daiquiri Shack” we get to do just that.



2013-08-24 18.34.02The Best Daiquiris Ever



Soon, I am "floating like a butterfly" and ready to “sting like a bee”. I is ready to take “May Weather”, “Sugar Ray” and “Cassius Clay” all down right now but somehow I don't think I am going to make it to Round 6.




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