Friday, September 13, 2013

Carnival Imagination, Ride It, Ride It




SAM_0113I send some bocce balls rolling then my almost too intense fight training continues.






With my hands on my chaps, I learn some moves that will not only be deadly in the ring but anywhere else.



SAM_0106“Ride it, ride it, ride it”, May Weather is going to be in trouble.






Next it is more sparing as we pick up a few Bingo cards and I punch out a few numbers about thirty of them to be exact. Pulling some tabs we walk away “Big Winners” with two dollars.

Everyone knows that one way to pick a good fight is talk about someone's momma. If this does not work for me, from seeing the “Love And Marriage” show, I now have another weapon in my arsenal.

Hey, May Weather... “Your wife bends over how do you describe the sight you see?”



SAM CCL 012Fall Of The Bone St Louis Ribs


After a full day of training with multiple trips to the buffet including the desert station and soft serve ice cream machine, we follow this up with a formal dress up, sit down dinner. It’s lobster night, complimented with ribs and lime sherbet.

Almost full, it is time to enjoy a relaxing evening of entertainment onboard the Carnival Imagination.



SAM_0107First it's “Shout” a nice Broadway type production show followed by a stroll inside the ship.

A stop is made at “The Taste Bar” then a walk on the Lido deck before returning to the buffet.




This time it is just a light arm lifting exercise with the weight nicely balanced between two plates.

After my workout I get an invitation to dance in the karaoke lounge, “don't you want to dance with me baby, don't you want to dance with me boy”, or maybe I was just mistaken.

Anyway, I stick around and do it my way before we head to disco for me to do some ringside foot work exercises.

Interestingly, in the disco we discovered, “ain't nothing wrong if you want to do da butt all night long”.



SAM_0108Our night ends in the “Punchliner Comedy Club” where the comedians take jabs and upper cuts at all of us.

No group escapes the pounding blows.





Why is it that one group keeps their kids in strollers until they start shaving? Or, why is it that one group electric bill is always in their cousins name?

This stuff has some of us in tears just like what is going to be the case with “May Weather” when I am done with him.




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