Monday, June 3, 2013

Tibet, No Naan For You



Tibet CAN D1 030 I am excited and I think Kathy is also as we leave Dreprung.

This afternoon we are going to eat at a restaurant that is highly reviewed on Tripadvisor for one of its menu items that we both enjoy.





As we drive across town, I am still amazed how beautiful the weather is although the air is still dry and in some areas dusty. Kathy's tip with Chapstick has really helped with my dry nose situation.



Tibet CAN D1 027 A Beautiful Day In Lhasa


Dropped off on a main street we navigate construction filled alleys and make our way to Lhasa Namaste rated well because of its famous naan bread. It is the main reason we asked our tour guide to bring us here.



Tibet D2 010 It is a Sunday afternoon and Lhasa Namaste is a little busy as we grab a table on its very cozy outdoor patio dining area.






There seems to be a bit of confusion to the wait staff why we are here as we do not get what I consider the traditional restaurant welcome.



Tibet D2 009 With the help of our guide we eventually get menus which have very nice main dish selections.

Rice or naan is offered with all of the main dishes.




Drinks and food are ordered but with one big disappointment, today there is no naan bread. 

After attempting to get an explanation of how a restaurant known for its naan bread has none of it even though it is offered on the menu, we are left to figure it out on our own with no apologies.

Our food arrives and it is served with Western utensils. Our waitress seems taken back when we ask for chopsticks which takes her about 10 minutes to bring to us. I hope she now realizes that there are some non Asians that know how to eat with chopsticks.



Tibet D2 008 Mutton Bhuna Goast Set


All of our food is very good although Kathy's “Cashew Chicken” looks a little different than expected. Craig and Marciso salads are fresh and they say better than the ones they had at our last lunch stop restaurant although a bit more expensive.


Tibet D2 005 Bill has no complaints about his “Pizza Margherita” which he offers to share with the rest of us.






My “Mutton Bhuna Goast Set” is a good size portion and is deliciously full of flavor. I have no problem finishing my meal although some garlic naan sure would have been nice. 



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