Friday, June 21, 2013

Tibet, Leaving Lhasa


I am excited as I check out of The “noisy” Yak Hotel as I am looking forward to seeing more of Tibet. Today, our journey involves about 6-7 hours of driving that will have us spending the night in Shigaste.

As I get comfortable in the back seat of our mini-van it is interesting to see a few items added on board. We now have “oxygen pillows” which hopefully none of us will be needing anytime soon.


Tibet CAN D1 052Just outside of Lhasa we make a brief stop at what will become just one of many checkpoints.

Looking out my window I am amazed at the stunning scenery along with the beautiful weather.




Clear blue skies contrast nicely with a landscape that in some areas seem so arid and in others so lush. To me, the surrounding forbidden mountains are spectacular.

Soon we are climbing a mountain pass that to me is an “E-Ticket” ride but has some of my fellow travel companions a bit nervous. At some points only small barriers of what we hope is solid concrete separates us from a certain death plunge.



Tibet CAN D1 064



Even as others are nervous at times, I do appreciate our drivers skills as he passes large trucks on the curving and blind spot road. We did have one or two close calls all of which were skillfully handled like I think I would have done so myself.

At one point we make a stop to look back and take in the landscape where we have just defied death a time or two. A bit out of breath I climb a small hill and peer down a vast valley below. The views are magnificent as I stand near prayer flags whipping in the wind.



Tibet CAN D1 062Some of these prayer flags have writing on them which is foreign to me. If I were to take a guess I imagine a few of them say….

“Thank you for helping us make it this far, whew!”





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