Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vietnam, Tour Bus To Mekong Delta


Arriving a little later than we expected, a tour guide shows up where we are waiting to be picked up for our day trip to the Mekong Delta. Apparently the street we are waiting on is too congested for the bus to navigate so we must walk a short distance where it is waiting for us.

A few more stops at other hotels and we are eventually on our way through the slums of Ho Chi Minh City headed to the National Highway.



MD5 0 00 01-07Along the National Highway we pass many open rice fields some of them interestingly having burial tombs in them.




We are told about traditional Vietnamese burials which requires a double burial that is done above ground. The second burial occurs after the body has decayed to just bones. These bones are recovered by a male member of the family and ceremonially cleansed before being reburied on family land.


MD7 0 00 04-01Another interesting spot along the National Highway is “Happy Land” an entertainment park that is in some sort of a construction phase that has Michael Jackson's father as an investor. I think Disneyland has nothing to worry about.




MD9 0 00 05-05Along with a rest stop break to visit the “Happy House”, after a few hours of navigating the National Highway along with a few well loaded scooters we arrive at the launching point for our cruise down the Mekong River.





2012-07-01 11 45 37Family Transportation



Wanting to blend in, I drive a hard bargain to get us a pair of Miss Saigon and Mr. Mekong Delta Mafia hats. Apparently, Miss Saigon drives a lot tougher bargain than the Godfather because she is quick to let me know that she thinks I overpaid for the deal. I should have made them an offer they could not refuse like $0.75 for two hats instead of $1.00.



Mekong Delta Mafia


I sure hope the locals don't think the Godfather has gone soft.




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