Friday, November 2, 2012

Vietnam, Fried Corn And A Street Hustler



156After a quick check in process at Tan Hai Long, we head out for a short walk to Ben Thanh Night Market just a few blows away.





The activity in the market area is winding down for the evening as I imagine the light falling rain has discouraged many from venturing out for the evening. However, there are still a few merchants and food vendors that are prepared for whatever mother nature has to offer.

At one vendor we stop to have another sampling of a dish we took a liking to in Hanoi, fried corn.


158Kicked up with a bit more offerings than in Hanoi, the fried corn serves us a nice appetizer to our planned meal later in the evening.





As we continue walking the area the rain intensity increases and it brings out the umbrella hawkers. Not being the umbrella type we have no interest in buying one but we are thoroughly entertained by watching a sale being made.

You see, the seller is no ordinary salesperson. Her style and charisma would have an Eskimo buying a refrigerator.

“If you take two, I give you a good price.” Who can resist such a deal from a nine year old?



159Bone Cha



Under the cover of a make shift street restaurant recommended by a nine year old, we watch as the skies open up and the rain comes down in buckets. Fortunately, this does not last too long and we are able to enjoy an affordable dinner including “Bone Cha” and a few Bier 333.



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