Friday, December 9, 2011

South Africa, Sun City Resort




JNB Trip 004Sun City



Located about a two hour drive northwest of Johannesburg, getting to Sun City by car is easy although you will have to pay a few tolls along the way. Many people visit Sun City as a day tour from Johannesburg.

Since my plan also calls for a visit to nearby Pilanesburg National Park, I arrive in the Sun City area in the early evening. Less than ten miles away, I find adequate and affordable accommodations for the night.



JNB Trip 001Sun City is a popular getaway for locals and rooms at the various resort properties can run from US$180 to over US$500 per night.

I'll be able to keep on budget and afford to stay there when my rich uncle passes away.



For a day visit it's about a US$8 admission fee and well worth it. Although the casino is practically empty during my visit it has a beautiful jungle and safari decor.




JNB Trip 014



On this nice summer day one of the main attractions here is Valley Of The Waves, a gorgeous water park that easily makes you feel as if you are somewhere in the Caribbean instead of being in South Africa. I watch as groups of school age children are thrilled to spend a day at the beach.



JNB Trip 024A stroll around the grounds along guided paths provides a stunning and sometimes relaxing scenery near one of the many man made waterfalls.







JNB Trip 035A walk across a swing bridge leads me to the aviary just in time for the morning feeding.

Holding a lump of fresh cut up fruit, I am not worried about the birds in the bush as I quickly have a few of them in my hand.



Feeding time is exhilarating and enjoyable not only for the birds but for me as well. There are all kinds of interesting birds housed in the aviary here.



JNB Trip 057My favorite, a bright orange pinkish one that seems the least bothered by the commotion of feeding time.






Leaving the aviary, I encounter a group that is also interested in birds although not necessarily the feathered kind. I think this group is more concerned with “birdies” as they make their way to the greens and not the aviary.



JNB Trip 059Sun City Caddies




JNB Trip 064Crossing a world class golf course, my next stop is at a “Bird Of Prey” exhibition.

Here, in an open area, birds including some huge and not so happy looking owls are tethered to the ground or tree stumps.





JNB Trip 068These birds are rescued or donated animals that are being rehabilitated.

Although the tethering seems cruel, it is a part of the rehab process.






A few steps from here more animals are on display that are common to South Africa. The coolest one, a crane type bird that has a head that seems more alien than earthly. However, I am not going to be the one to tell him that.



JNB Trip 077What A Cool Head



If casino's are not your thing or beautiful landscapes or golf courses or birds or animals then maybe jet skiing, para-sailing or a banana boat ride or just relaxing by a dazzling pool may do. These are all a part of what Sun City Resort offers but a day is hardly enough time to enjoy it all.

My visit here ends in way that makes all my trips complete. I get a free language lesson from a parking lot attendant.



JNB Trip 002With a smiling face I learn a few African words like “Hello”, “Good Morning”, and “Please”.

Also more importantly, “Thank You”.

“Ya bo nah”.






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