Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morocco, Afternoon Stroll In Marrakech


Having found my hotel, I am 15-20lbs lighter as I head back into the souk. This time it is much easier navigating from the riad to Djemma Al Fna. It's about time for lunch and I pass some more interesting vendors in my search for Moroccan cuisine.


Sony 002 Want to have your teeth pulled or need a new set of dentures?

Well, I just might have the right guy for you.




Here  you can get all your dental work done while you watch scooters, horse carriages, snake charmers and maybe even a midget with a violin go by. Who needs Novocain?



Sony 011 Lamb Tajine


On the perimeter of the square, I have a lunch of Moroccan salad (drenched in dressing), lamb tajine (lamb,vegetables and couscous), mint tea along with an almond pastry that sends my glucose level sky rocketing.

About D$45 for lunch with free acrobatic entertainment in the background, I also get a chance to practice my Arabic language skills. What a deal! Sho-cran!

Leaving the restaurant there is now more activity in Djemma Al Fna than when I first arrive. Many of the locals are trying to drum up busy with the crowd and apparently at times this causes an altercation or two between them.



Sony 003 I stand back and watch as a fight takes place.

The loser comes out of it with a bloody forehead.




More snake charmers but nothing is for free. I have the give up a free dirhams to capture a picture or two even from a distance.

Obviously, there is a good working relationship between the snake, a cobra and the charmer as both seem comfortable in a face to face photo opportunity.

I hope the snake is getting a decent take of the profits.



Sony 006 Marrakech Snake Charmer



Continuing my walk I head towards Liberty Circle and then through a neighborhood along Mohammed Avenue.


City Wall Along the way, views of the remaining wall from the old fortified city is impressive.

It seems full of bullet holes but these are just holes that remain from the use of scaffolding.





Sony 021 Main Mosque Marrakech


Back near the main mosque arrangements are made for a day trip to Essaouira before another stroll through The Square of The Dead. The entertainment is still going on in full swings and the air is starting to take on an aroma that is driving my taste buds crazy.

Although I plan on dining later, I give in and sample some flat fried bread. Well, more like two samples. One just plain, another loaded with peppers and onions, delicious!




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