Friday, April 14, 2017

Mexico, An Afternoon In Guadalajara


A visit to birthplace of “The Nectar Of The Gods” shows there's a lot more to see and discover in Jalisco, Mexico than “Tequila”.  


IMG_20170403_172154On a beautiful afternoon with temperatures in the mid 70’s, I hop on a Tapatio Tours “Big Red Bus” and for less than US$7 (120MXN) I get an excellent overview of Guadalajara.




GDL Cathedral

Catedral Metropolitana


GDL SandwichFrom seeing many of the city highlights then afterwards enjoying a popular “Torta Ahogada”, this tour turns out to be a pleasant surprise.





IMG_20170403_165503I am looking forward to returning to Guadalajara and enjoying more of it’s “Mexican Delights” and maybe even a few more sips of... Tequila!






GDL SquareCentral Historic District

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