Monday, November 21, 2011

Zambia, The Devil's Pool



IMG_4614As a part of my tour to Victoria Falls and Livingstone Island I get an awesome chance to do something not many mere mortals have had the opportunity to do.




We are told our next stop has been visited by none other than the main man from below. I am sure he has swam here to cool off but I am doing it just for the “Hell” of it and because I want to experience life on the edge!



IMG_4674A quick change into swim trunks and we are in the Zambezi River on a guided swim towards Devil's Pool.

Fortunately, the water is somewhat clear and refreshing with just a mild current as it flows towards the edge of Victoria Falls.





IMG_4665Devil's Pool is an area of about twelve feet deep water located at the edge of the main fall.








IMG_4651Devil’s Pool At Victoria Falls


Here only a few feet of a natural rock barrier separates you from a three thousand feet or so (give or take a few inches) plunge to a watery death. A certainty when the Zambezi River is rushing over it in the rainy season.

We are told there are two options to get into Devil's Pool. However, unlike our tour guide who makes a leaping swan dive in, we all opt for the more timid “crawl and jump in” approach.



IMG_4650Since I am traveling alone I get to watch as our guide takes the other two adventurers to the edge of the pool. I can easily tell that at first it is not a comfortable feeling for them.

I wonder why?




It is then my turn to crawl and jump into one of Satan's playgrounds. The swirling water is refreshingly cool and I can see why he might have enjoyed hanging out here. For a moment, I even lose my sense of the lurking danger nearby. In a few minutes, I am sitting on a wall as the Zambezi River streams by me and continues it's crashing descent to the valley below.



IMG_4659As I follow our guide's instruction, I erase from my mind that I am lying on my stomach three thousand feet above a gouge at the edge the world's largest waterfall.

I am secured only by his grip on one of my ankles.





IMG_4672Somewhat relaxed, I slide my body forward and look down into the watery abyss.

It is a totally awesome sight and a spectacular sensation.




However, I am thankful for “The Smoke That Thunders” as it skews my depth perception and probably saved my heart from popping out of my chest.



IMG_4666Living Life On The Edge



My thrill is kicked up a notch when as I am laying on my back my body is further extended over the falls while my one secured (and lucky) leg is held in the air.

I have just truly experienced living life on the edge and I did it at one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls.



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