Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Antarctica, Cape Horn


Our return to Ushuaia will take us near the famous Cape Horn. As a part of our daily after dining chat, Damien one of the expedition leaders and a great historian gives a brief presentation on Cape Horn.

Did you know Cape Horn was named after a town in Holland?



CAN1209 003 I am on the bridge as we approach Cape Horn which slow takes shape through foggy over cast gray skies.




There is a lot of radio chatter with Chilean customs official who I gather are trying to find away to charge the Ioffe a fee for passing near the area.

For years, this has been a disputed area between Chile and Argentina which at one time required intervention from the Pope to resolve.


CAN1209 014 Smoothly sailing along, it is had to imagine the disastrous naval history of the area.




Many ships have been lost here trying to navigate one of the most dangerous ocean passage.


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