Monday, November 29, 2010

Antarctica, All My Bags Are Packed


SAM 006 All my bags are now packed but it wasn’t long ago I felt like one of the Three Stooges going to a nudist colony.



Hey Moe, “I don't know what to wear, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk”.

This is no ordinary trip. Packing for 12 days when traveling to one of the most remote places on earth can present a challenge. Once I leave home my shopping choices may become limited and even expensive if I am inadequate in my planning.

I do have some basic guidance from Quark Expedition but it pertains primarily to general cold weather operations. 

Typically, I travel as a backpacker with the least amount of clothing possible. These items along with all other necessities are carried in a single medium size backpack except for my camera equipment.


Shadow Rider So far, the places I have traveled along with Visa and MasterCard have allowed my minimalist approach to work out nicely.



With input from a few travel sites like Fodor's, I can see that this trip packing will have to be a little different. I will have to stay warm and a “layering approach” may just be the way to accomplish this. My research tells me that “polypropylene” thermals are a good foundation to start with.

Silk is also an option but I have read that it may not be such a good idea if you plan on also using it as sleepwear. In rough seas like crossing Drake Passage, you might just go slip sliding away.


SAM 015 Besides a drain plug and electrical adapter that I normally bring on my trips here a few items I am adding for this one.





SAM 002 With a shared cabin and probably limited outlets, thanks to a Fodor tip, I am going to look like a “Wise Guy” with this one. A 3 way extension plug.





While a mono-pod may turn out to be better, I settle for two mini tripods both weighing less than 1 pound respectively. Each of which fits nicely in my camera bag or backpack.



SAM 007 Targus 42” Tripod Only $15 At Wal-Mart




SAM 008 Since my trip will require several Zodiac landings light weight waterproof pants and a dry bag to keep my camera equipment safe also become necessities.




SAM 009 I am able to easily find these items at a local Bass Pro Shop along with several packages of foot and hand warmers.





SAM 013 Although I have packed 4 sets of outfits including a swim trunk in hopes of taking a polar plunge, this clothesline setup that requires no pins might just come in handy.



Feeling accomplished and somewhat prepared I begin a systematic packing scheme. I am planning on spending a few days in Argentina before we set sail so I have broken down my packing into two trips. All the clothing and items I will need once we set sail are in one large backpack. A smaller backpack has all the items that I will need for a few days around Ushuaia. This arrangement will also come in handy when I check in for my flight.

As I often do when traveling, I will board my flight with a single backpack and my camera case although this time with one or two minor exceptions. For this trip I will have stowaways with me, my new travel companions.



SAM 014 Cisco Flip and Philips Vibe



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